Coordinates: 8°14′7″S 35°45′10″W / 8.23528°S 35.75278°W / -8.23528; -35.75278
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View of Bezerros
View of Bezerros
Flag of Bezerros
Coat of arms of Bezerros
Location in Pernambuco state
Location in Pernambuco state
Bezerros is located in Brazil
Location in Brazil
Coordinates: 8°14′7″S 35°45′10″W / 8.23528°S 35.75278°W / -8.23528; -35.75278
 • Total491 km2 (190 sq mi)
 • Total60,880
 • Density120/km2 (320/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC−3 (BRT)

Bezerros (Portuguese pronunciation: [biˈzeʁus]) is a municipality in northeastern Brazil, in the State of Pernambuco, near the city of Gravatá. Its population was 60,880 (2020) and its area is 491 km2. Also known as Papangu city, because a festive tradition in which the people dress masks of all types during the Carnival festivities. During the carnival time, it is one of the most visited cities in the interior of the state. Also, it was a center of coffee production, an activity which is no longer important in the region. It is much visited during Carnival; tourists and locals love to see papangus parading in city streets.


Tourist attractions[edit]

  • Serra Negra
  • Igreja de São Francisco Xavier, Serra Negra, Bezerros, Pernambuco, Brasil
  • Sítio Pedra Solta, camping area, planning on visiting jungle areas: here is the place, rappel
  • Lula Vassoureiro's Atelier
  • Centro de Artesanato de Pernambuco - Handicraft center
  • J. Borges' atelier, a great woodcut artist and one of the greatest Cordel makers of Brazil.
  • J. Miguel' atelier, a great woodcut artist and also a Cordel maker.
  • Papangu Carnival


The main activities based in Bezerros are tourism, commerce and agribusiness. Especially, plantations of tomatoes and creations of cattle'

Economic Indicators[edit]

Population[2] GDP x(1000 R$).[3] GDP pc (R$) PE
58.354 232.859 4.112 0.38%

Economy by Sector 2006

Primary sector Secondary sector Service sector
6.22% 16.30% 77.48%

Health Indicators[edit]


HDI (2000) Hospitals (2007) Hospitals beds (2007) Children's Mortality every 1000 (2005)
0.619 2 170 17.9


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